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The cheapest country music tickets for FGL

The cheapest country music tickets for FGL

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Want to see one of the biggest acts in country music live? Well now is your chance! Florida Georgia Line has been growing in popularity ever since the release of their 6 song EP Anything like Me, the band has been reaching to fans with their hooks and down to earth songs about enjoying life.

They have made their name opening for big name country acts such as Corey Smith, Gary Allen, Justin Moore, and Rodney Atkins. They’re currently touring with the great Jason Aldean. Their first studio album released in 2012 and had 4 hit singles, sold more than 1,869,000 copies in the US as of June 2014. A year earlier, their first studio album reached No.1 in June 2013.

Being the biggest duo in country music definitely has its perks. Both members of the group have been known for their partying laid-back style. They love to represent the partying country lifestyle. Their barefoot blue jean anthem-oriented groove tunes are best suited for big parties. They have choruses that stick in your head and melodies that stick in your heart. They are sort of like Nickelback meeting Hank Williams jr, combining a country drawl with a hard rock edge.

Here’s to the Good Times injects a sort of hip-hop influence with rock and country. In the song It’z Just what we do, it has a loud anthemia stomping feel. They have long sort of jammy beats mixed with long rhyming lyrics, with their signature big chorus twang to make the song stick. It really is an interesting fusion of styles at certain parts.

They promote having a good time and aren’t afraid to embellish. They openly sing about kicking back the bottle, smoking up and going ridin’. Straight up backwoods hoe-down good times. If you don’t enjoy kicking back with your friends, getting a little lit and maybe a lil burnt, then I don’t understand how that couldn’t end in having an awesome time.

The duo is made up of Tyler Hubbard, formally from Monroe, Georgia and Brian Kelley from Ormond Beach, Florida. It was their origin that sparked the name of the band. In 2012 they signed with Republic Nashville, part of the larger conglomerate Big Machine Label Group. Their first major single “Cruise” was a 7 time Platinum hit in the US and reached number one on the country charts for several weeks. Many of their other chart toping hits in 2012 include “Get your shine on”, “Here’s to the good times” and “Summer Jam”.

Brian and Tyler met when they went to school at Nashville’s Belmont University and immediately began writing songs together. They co-wrote many songs that ended up being on their hit debut album. Many of their material is co-written by other writers with a lot of heavy musical influences in other genres. Stay is a song written by American rock band Black Stone Cherry, known for their heavy riffing style.

The song certainly has a lot of heavy influences in their music. Many of them come from Hard Rock bands they listened to growing up. Both members were influenced by bands such as Metallica, Alice in Chains, Collective Soul and Kid Rock. They also cite Hip-hop and rap influences into their music such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Eminem. The heaviest influence is country, hands down, but Props has to be given to the duo for blending other influences into their music and expanding their genre. This influence could even be giving them the credibility to other known country music shifts such as Dirks Bentley and Jason Aldean.

Both members of the band can be attested to writing most of their material, and the blending of musical influences could be very heavy in Brain while Tyler would make the roaring chorus, or maybe even one could come up with a light melody and another could add in a heavy breakdown. It is interesting to see the shift in styles over the past few years, and one could assume that this Florida Georgia Line Tour may even have certain special guests that would show up on stage! Both member have hinted towards big name is Rock and Hip-hop.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss Florida Georgia Line come to your town and tear the roof off of the place. You could miss out on an amazing experience with some great fun loving people!