Florida Georgia Line Tour Dates

Want to find out more about the tour dates of Florida Georgia Line? Will they also come to your hometown? When will their next shows be? Find out below.

Is Florida Georgia Line coming to yourhometomn? Find out about their tour dates!

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This will not be Florida Georgia Line’s first tour, nay. The group has previously toured the United States being part of the headlining act of Luke Bryan and previously as part of a tour dubbed Dirt Road Diaries.

The 2016 Florida Georgia Line tour runs throughout the month of July to October. The concerts will be held across states from New York to California. In all there will be a total of forty-three tour dates and tickets of all these concerts can be obtained online or from the market place.

That things seem to be on point with this group is not a matter of happenstance. The duo attributes their success as a performing entity to the solid foundation as friends. The two rockers who met via a mutual friend in Nashville, Tennessee also attribute their success to the response of their fans. And truly the fans have been at hand to hoist them to the very top –the group has enjoyed pole position in the country chart and top ten billing in the national music chart.

Even with their rock star billing, the group members are basically human at the end of the day Brian Kelly got married after a seven month courtship with his girlfriend whilst Tyler Hubbard had a health scare of sorts when he had a motor bike accident that resulted in him injuring his back. The duo who met back in college have a favorite song – People back Home’ but admit that it’s the song Cruise’ that sends the crowd ecstatic. The article will not give the personality profiles of these group members but what the article will do is exit after giving you some figures that paint the success of this group, nice reading.

The FGL figures

  • The song Cruise broke the record for the longest number one song on Billboards Hot Country Songs Chart;
  • Their debut album Here’s to the Good Times has sold more than 10 million albums;
  • They join an elite group of artist –actually only one, Brooks and Dunn, to have their first three singles hit number one position for multiple weeks.
  • All tour dates have been announced now

Those are the facts and figures, as economists are wont to say, the numbers do not lie. This is a group for all seasons, a group that you do well to pay up and see perform at some venue near you.